Jeff C.

Jeff does an amazing and highly detailed wood-burning of Tom as Dallas...kudos!

Andrew P

More Andrew P. AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AP always comes through with AWESOMNESS!!!!!!!!...homage to the HAIR!!!!!!!

Tom S.

Tom says "first try - from the alien headset photo".....probably my favorite Skerritt era

via Andrew P

Andrew P. brought this to my attention and said "never heard of this one, tom skerritt as italian deli owner who goes vigilante".....sounds amazing right??? Netflix doesnt seem to be holding WTF FTW!!! Get on it Criterion

Evelyn Y

I miss Goose!

I cant make head or tails out of that signature,
Artist please email me and take credit for yr artisanship
Artist is Evelyn Y!

Ned #14

A robust Viper, his later years, a 4 star General perhaps? they have
Generals in the Airforce?

Jackson P.

Action painting


I guess that's a gun?....or a displaced nose, thx Josh!


Beth R.

Alright Beth!
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DTS Holiday Party

Brendan nailed it here!!......not sure about that boat though!!
A sequel perhaps???????


Viper!!....with the ORANGE EYES of Wrath....Goose is dead indeed

DTS Holiday Party

It was late.....we were drunk....merry christmas!

DTS Holiday Party

Is that a blouse?...looks like a blouse

DTS Holiday Party

Tom Skerritt as Samuel Beckett makes PERFECT SENSE!!

DTS Holiday Party

Now, it's not in my nature to judge a drawing, especially of Tom Skerritt.....but come on!!
I mean, KUDOS for taking on DRAWING a BODY....but I have to stand by a:

DTS Holiday Party

The first DTS profile......kinda SCARY!!

DTS Holiday Party

Maybe it's just me...But I LOVE this TS drawing.
Quick, Accurate and to the Point.
Big thanks to the unknown artist!